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Lawyer        Greg Bowes Legal Services, P.C., May 1991, until present.

- Own and manage this general practice, and managed as many as five employees;

- Represented more than 800 clients for criminal defense, personal injury claims, appeals, estate planning, contract disputes, and compensation for victims of crimes such as rape, attempted murder, and child molestation;

- Completed 19 criminal jury trials, including 14 with felony charges, 5 of which were in federal court;

- Completed 5 civil jury trials;

- Completed 94 appeals, 21 of which resulted in published decisions, including important decisions on repressed memory and automatism.


Elected        Marion County Assessor, January 2007, until December 2010.

Assessor           - Elected to serve a four-year term in 2006;

- Responsible for the transition from a system of nine township assessors to one office supervised by the county assessor in Marion County, Indiana;

- Achieved an annual savings of more than $2 million and returned Marion County to a normal annual assessment schedule after more than five years of delay;

- Controlled a budget of $7.6 million and managed 113 employees;

- Formulated on an annual basis the property tax assessments for more than 340,000 real property parcels;

- Reviewed and audited more than 40,000 business personal property tax returns annually;

- Processed property tax appeals, determined property tax exemptions, and audited inheritance tax returns;

- Served on the Information Technology Board, which coordinates the information technology use for all of Marion County government;

- Supervised the state-ordered reassessment in 2007.


Elected        Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council, January 2004 until December 2006.

Councillor       - Elected to serve a four-year term as one of 29 members of this legislative body;

- Co-authored and co-sponsored Smoke-free Air Ordinance (Indpls. Code § 616);

- Chair of the Community Affairs Committee.


Adj. Law     Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, August 2004, until January 2005.

Professor         - Taught Legal Research, Analysis, and Communication to third semester law students.


Board         Pike Township Board, January 2003, until December 2003.

Member           ‑ One of 7 elected Board members who supervised a $16 million township budget.


Judge           Marion County Municipal and Superior Courts, May 1991, until December 2000.

Pro Tem          - Appointed as judge pro tem more than 83 times, 71 of which were in the Criminal Division.


Deputy        Marion County Prosecutor's Office, December 1990, until May 1991.

Prosecutor       - Prosecuted more than fifty major drug felony cases, including 4 jury trials.


Counsel       Indiana Department of Insurance, August 1989, until September 1990.

- Recovered more than $728,000 in forfeitures, and $65,000 in fines, from bail bondsmen;

- Prosecuted violations committed by the various licensees regulated by the Department, including insurance companies, insurance agents, and bail bondsmen;

- Defended medical malpractice claims against the Indiana Patients Compensation Fund.


Lawyer        Private Practice, October 1985, until August 1989.

Criminal: Represented more than 120 felony and misdemeanor defendants from June 1987, until December 1988, including 4 jury trials, in a full time practice before the Superior Court of the District of Columbia representing indigent defendants.

Civil: Cases included international copyright, estate and guardianship administration, wrongful death, contract disputes, consumer protection, and real estate transactions.



Legislative   Indiana State Medical Association, October 1984, until August 1986.

Assistant          - Monitored more than 2,000 legislative proposals and provided information to the Indiana General Assembly regarding more than 50 health and medical issues;

- Drafted new legislation for adoption by the Indiana General Assembly, including six bills that became law.




Law Clerk  Jon Pactor, Lawyer, September, 1983, until October, 1984.

- Assisted in legal research for this legal malpractice law firm.


Law Clerk  Aline Anderson, September, 1983, until November 1984.

- Assisted in legal research for this estate planning law firm.


Ambulance Ambulance Indianapolis Dispatch, Inc. (AID), May, 1980, until August, 1980, and

Technician  September, 1982, until October, 1983.

- Responsible for the care and transportation of emergency and convalescent patients.


Ambulance Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service, October, 1981, until September, 1982.

Technician       - Responsible for the care and transportation of emergency patients.

- Assisted police and fire departments to manage emergency and accident scenes.


Usher           Starlight Musicals, June, 1973, until August, 1981.

- ushered guests to their seats, and sold soft drinks eight weeks each summer.


Ware-          RCA Records, August, 1977, until June, 1979.

houser              - Packaged and shipped orders from album wholesalers and retailers.


Group         Burger Chef Systems, Inc., September, 1975, until May, 1977.

Leader             - After working in every position in the store, I was promoted to shift management responsible for supervising between five and fifteen employees.


*Note: positions held less than six months are not listed.




State of Indiana: October 1985, by examination; Attorney Number: 4335-49.

District of Columbia: June 1987, by examination; Attorney Number: 411045 (currently inactive).




LL.M.          Georgetown University Law Center, February 1988.

 Major: International and Comparative Law

- Courses included International Negotiations, International Economic Law, and International Peace and Security Law.


J.D.              Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, May 1985.

Foreign Study:

- Cumberland School of Law Summer Study Program in Heidelberg, West Germany, August 1984;

- University of San Diego School of Law Institute on International and Comparative Law Summer Study Program in Russia and Poland, June 1984;

- University of Connecticut - Indiana University Overseas Study Program in Hungary (Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship), Summer 1983.


B.S.              Indiana University, August 1982.

Major: Business Management and Administration.

Foreign Study: University of Hamburg in West Germany, August 1980 until June 1981.

Language: 44 credit hours of German.


Assessor      International Association of Assessing Officers.

- Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal: October 17, 2008.

- Income Approach to Value: June 20, 2008.

Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

- Assessor-Appraiser, Level II: March 9, 2006.

- Assessor-Appraiser, Level I: February 16, 2006.


C.L.E.         Completed more than 290 hours of Continuing Legal Education, including capital defense and civil mediation training.


E.M.T.         Bloomington Hospital, May, 1980.

After 120 classroom and clinical hours of training, became certified by the State of Indiana as an Emergency Medical Technician.


H.S.              Brebeuf Preparatory School, Indianapolis, IN, May 1977.


Elem.           St. Thomas Aquinas, Indianapolis, IN, May 1973.




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Adj. Law     Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, August, 2004, until January, 2005.

Professor         - Taught Legal Research, Analysis, and Communication to third semester law students.


Referee        United States Soccer Federation, February 1988, until March 2003.

Instructor        - Taught twenty-nine 16-hour courses to adults and adolescents to certify the students as soccer referees.


Paralegal     American Institute for Paralegal Studies, Inc., Fall Semester 1991.

Instructor        - Taught two courses on the subject of Criminal Law.


CPR            American Heart Association, 1981 to 1984.

Instructor        - Taught six 15-hour courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation.




Fair Play: Soccer’s Answer to the Harmless Error Doctrine, Res Gestae, June 2005, at 26, 2004 Harrison Legal Writing Award, Second Place, Indiana State Bar Association.


Physician’s Guide to Indiana Law, 79 Indiana Medicine 293 (1986).


Structured Settlements: An Overview, American Medical Association State Health Legislation Report, Vol. 13, No. 3 (1985).


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Marion County Children’s Guardian Home: From January, 2006, until June, 2010, I served as one of three Directors of the Home by virtue of being a Marion County Commissioner. The Home provided emergency shelter care for abused and neglected children until a permanent placement could be made.


Drug Free Marion County: From January, 2005, until December, 2006, I served on the Board of Directors as a representative of the Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council. Drug Free Marion County provides information and education on alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, and recommends the distribution of grant funds obtained from the county drug free community fund that is supported by court fees.


Crooked Creek Multi-Service Center, Inc.: From January, 2003, until December, 2004, I served on the Board of Directors. In addition to participating in general oversight of the organization, I assisted in revising the organization’s Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.


Deer Creek Homeowners Association: From October 2000, until October 2002, I served on the Board of Directors of the mandatory homeowners’ association for the subdivision where I live. In the second year I served as President. The association governs 228 homes, and supervises an annual budget of $40,000.


Central Indiana Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association: From March 2001, until August 2003, I served as a charter member of the Board of Directors of this organization of approximately 50 soccer referees who officiate college level soccer in Central Indiana. The association is an affiliate of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association, of which I have been a member since 1989.


The Orchard School Parents’ Association: From February 2000, until June 2002, I participated on the Parents’ Association Diversity and Appropriations Committees.


Canterbury Neighborhood Association: From 1996 until 2000, I served on the Board of Directors of this voluntary neighborhood association, which serves 280 homes. I served on the organizational committee that created the association, and was instrumental in drafting the group’s charter. The Board served the neighborhood by organizing semi-annual clean-up dates for Canterbury Park adjacent to the Monon Trail, and by organizing three annual social events for the neighborhood. We provided snow plowing and leaf pick-up for our neighbors.


Indiana Civil Liberties Union (currently ACLU of Indiana): From 1992 until 1997, I served on the Screening Committee, which reviewed dozens of requests made to the ICLU for legal assistance on matters involving civil liberties issues, and made recommendations on cases the ICLU would accept.


Indiana Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association: From March 1995, until February 1996, I served as the Secretary/Treasurer of this organization of 75 referees who officiate college soccer in Indiana. I was able to bring the organization into compliance with tax laws, and computerize the organization’s mailing and accounting systems.


National Ski Patrol Systems, Inc.: From January, 1982, until March, 1985, I was responsible for the safety and first aid of skiers at a Greencastle, Indiana, ski resort. To be a ski patroller, I was required to have minimum skills in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and each year, I had to participate in 16 hours of refresher training in winter first aid and ski patrol techniques.




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Soccer Referee: Since 1983, I have officiated more than 3,100 youth, high school, adult amateur, college, and professional soccer matches. From 1998 to 2000, I served the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) as a National Referee, an achievement earned by fewer than 200 of the approximately 110,000 referees affiliated with the USSF, which qualifies the referee to officiate professional and international matches. I have also served the USSF as a local administrator, instructor and assessor.


Soccer Coach (Youth):

Assistant Coach, IndyBurn U14 Travel, Spring 2009.

Assistant Coach, IndyBurn U14 Rec Plus, Fall 2008.

Assistant Coach, IndyBurn U13 Travel, Spring 2008.

USSF E License, July 10, 2005.

USSF Youth Module 2, March 13, 2004.

Rec Soccer Coach, Pike Youth Soccer Association, 2003 through Fall, 2007.

Coach, Zionsville High School Junior Varsity, Fall 1989.

Assistant Coach, Zionsville U16 travel, Spring 1989.


Recreational Running: I enjoy running at least 75 miles each month. I completed 20 Indianapolis Mini-Marathon races.




Married to Patti Bowes since 1992. We have two daughters.


I grew up in Indianapolis since age eight. I have 12 brothers and sisters, 3 of whom live in Indianapolis with their families.




References are available on request.

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